“A long time ago now, shortly after the “girls” opened their office, I came in for a cleaning. I had been unhappy with the dentist I had previously and had been looking for a new one. I actually found out about them through a relative of theirs that had been a patient at the clinic I was working in. I was so pleased with the reception I received and the friendly atmosphere that I kept going to them. I am in my sixties and have had some terrible experiences with dentists over the years and actually feared going to the dentist, feeling nauseous for days before going. I have had crowns, fillings, cleanings, and x-rays over the years with the girls. Even though I no longer work in Fayetteville and actually live and work in Huntsville (though not convenient), I would never change my dentists. The girls and their staff are more like close friends to me now and I enjoy going to see them. They have made a dentist visit enjoyable. I can honestly say that I love the girls and their staff.”

— Darlene