“When I first came to Beavers and Broomfield I had 3 missing teeth and 3 more that needed extraction. I was so embarrassed of my mouth I never smiled with my teeth showing and I was in pain much of the time. The work that Dr. Beavers performed was virtually pain-free. All of the work was handled with great care and now I have amazing results. I have teeth that are not only beautiful but natural looking, I’m ecstatic! I always show my teeth now when I smile. It’s a great feeling to be pain-free and to no longer fear going to the dentist. I can eat normally and smile with confidence and pride, I look and feel younger too! In my whole life I have never had pretty teeth until now, they are natural looking teeth that are also functional. Dr. Beavers is not only a good dentist but her work is also affordable! I am so grateful to Dr. Beavers for giving me confidence in my appearance that I have not had in many, many years.”

— Dena