“My husband and I had been receiving dental care every 6 months while out of the country for 10 years. The cleanings were not as thorough as those in the U.S. and routine x-rays were not done. After this amount of time with this type of treatment, we really needed an “overhaul”. Our dental health has improved a lot. Getting back to having regular x-rays has resulted in finding fillings that were leaking and needed repair. Also, we had chipped a few teeth and had them repaired. We plan on having some old fixed bridges replaced as well. We feel a lot less stressed having dental work done. The doctors always ask us frequently how we are doing, if we are comfortable, if we need a break, if we need more Novocaine, etc. Then, if more Novocaine is needed, they are patient while letting it kick in. We don’t feel like they are just in a rush to get the work done, but rather that they want us to be as comfortable as possible. We appreciate receiving a written dental plan of procedures needed and the cost of each so that we can plan when to have them done depending on our insurance requirements. We have confidence in knowing that everything is being done to assure our dental health. We appreciate the cordial, friendly atmosphere of the staff and never feel like we are “just another number”.”

— Bob & Genie