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There’s no better way to make a great first impression than to show off your pearly whites. But what if your pearly whites aren’t as white as you like? Beavers & Broomfield Family Dentistry offers a solution with teeth whitening services that can restore your enamel to a bright white.

What is Teeth Whitening?

The definition of teeth whitening is pretty apparent — making your teeth look whiter. But what exactly does that mean? It means making the enamel — the outer layer of the tooth — brighter by eliminating years of stains and natural discoloration.

Why Are My Teeth Not White?

Not everyone has “white” teeth, even as children. There are different shades of “white” teeth. Simple genetics can determine the color of your teeth. 

Over the years, other factors can alter the color of your teeth. Certain foods and drinks can stain your teeth over time, particularly dark liquids like coffee or red wine. Juices can also stain your teeth over time. Certain foods, such as beets, tomatoes, and colored candies, can also dull the whiteness of your teeth over time. 

Do you use tobacco products? If so, you’ve probably noticed your smile has changed over time. That’s because tobacco stains teeth, usually making them yellow or even brown. Certain medications and other factors can stain teeth, as well.

Over the years, the thickness and color of the enamel can change naturally, which can also affect the color of your teeth.

What If I Have Sensitive Teeth?

Teeth whitening can make teeth more sensitive for a few days afterward. If your teeth are already exposed, it could make the process very uncomfortable. 

Professional teeth whitening has a considerable advantage over other methods because your dentist can determine how sensitive your teeth are and what whitening method would produce the least amount of discomfort. Unlike home kits, your dentist can make adjustments to the process and the chemicals used. Your dentist can also recommend follow-up treatments, such as fluoride washes, that can reduce sensitivity afterward.

Your dentist also can determine what’s causing the sensitivity and work to solve the root problem, so future treatments such as teeth whitening will be less uncomfortable. 

Because of your sensitive teeth, your dentist may whiten your teeth over several treatments using a reduced amount of whitener to lessen discomfort. At Beavers & Broomfield Family Dentistry, we will evaluate your specific needs and determine the best treatment methods to give you the results you want without pain.

How Do You Whiten Teeth?

The process of professional teeth whitening involves several steps and takes about an hour or so. The good news is, the results are immediate. You don’t have to wait days on end to see if those little strips will make any difference. With our professional service, you’ll see the difference right away!

The first step is to clean your teeth thoroughly. We’ll use a pumice tool to clean off all the plaque and buff to remove any surface stains. 

Once the teeth are clean, the next step is to make sure they’re completely dry. To do that, we’ll insert devices that keep your cheeks, lips, and tongue from touching your teeth. Then, we’ll dry your teeth thoroughly.

The next step is to protect your gums, so we’ll apply a resin or rubber material that will protect them from the peroxide used to whiten your teeth. 

After that, we’ll apply the whitening agent. This bleaching agent is peroxide-based, which is similar to what you would find in hair dye. It’s usually in the form of a gel that is applied and left on the teeth for 30-60 minutes. 

The bleaching agent may need to cure. If that’s the case, we’ll use a curing light or laser, which activates the peroxide and allows it to do its best job. 

After that, we rinse your teeth thoroughly. We may also apply a fluoride rinse to help ease tooth sensitivity, a side effect of teeth whitening. That sensitivity can last a couple of days. 

You’ll walk out with teeth that are whiter than when you arrived. However, if they’re still not the shade you want, you can return for subsequent visits until you reach your desired shade. 

Beavers & Broomfield Family Dentistry will examine your teeth and determine how many visits it may take to get your teeth to the desired shade.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are a lot of pros to using a professional tooth whitening service. We’ve mentioned that it’s better to use professional assistance if you have sensitive teeth. But there are other advantages as well, from time to results.

Home whitening kits often take days to work, and the results are often subtle. As a result, it may take several applications over a long period before you get the results you want. 

Teeth whitening from a professional is much faster, producing results in as little as an hour. You may need more than one visit if you’re looking for a drastic change, but even that will likely take far less time than trying to achieve such results at home. Even then, home kits are often limited on how much they can do.

Teeth Whitening Fayetteville AR

Beavers & Broomfield Family Dentistry offers teeth whitening as part of its restorative services and cosmetic services. If you’re in the Fayetteville, AR, area, you can begin by scheduling an appointment with us. 

We will evaluate your teeth and any dental issues you may have, including sensitive teeth, and figure out what it would take to give you the brilliant white smile you’ve always wanted. We can also discuss financing options for your beautiful new smile.

Your smile is your best first impression, and teeth whitening treatments can help you make an unforgettable one!

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