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Dentists work hard to preserve their patients’ teeth, but sometimes teeth need to be extracted. Whether it’s because they’re damaged or because the patient is opting for dentures, tooth extractions are sometimes the best treatment method for certain situations. Beavers and Broomfield Family Dentistry has seen its share of tooth extractions. Our patients often wonder if the extractions must be done over several appointments or if many teeth can be extracted at once. 

Beavers and Broomfield Family Dentistry has done many tooth extractions in Fayetteville, AR, and we know our patients come in concerned about the procedure. Our aim is to make all treatments, specifically tooth extractions, as pleasant as can be. Here’s what to anticipate when having teeth removed. 

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Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction? 

As dentists, we do all we can to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime. We encourage good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. We clean your teeth and examine them for any issues. 

We fill cavities when we find them. If there is tooth decay or a tooth becomes infected, we can perform a root canal to save the tooth. We can also install crowns over damaged teeth as part of our restorative dentistry services. 

Sometimes, despite all these efforts, a tooth or several teeth need to come out. It may be that they’re so damaged they can’t hold a crown, or they’re so infected they’re in danger of spreading to the jaw. 

It could be that you’re getting braces and need a little extra room for your crowded teeth or that your wisdom teeth have come in and you need to go through wisdom teeth removal. Perhaps several teeth are damaged, and you’re ready for partial or full dentures. 

Tooth extractions are usually done as a last resort, but they are the best solution for the situation. They often relieve pain from an infected or damaged tooth, and after a few days of soreness and a few weeks of proper healing of the socket, the patient usually feels much better.

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How Many Teeth Can Get Pulled at Once?

Patients who need several teeth pulled often wonder if it must be done over several visits or whether several teeth can be pulled all at once. That’s usually not the case. The only exception would be for dentures, where we might pull just the molars first, then pull the rest of the teeth later and install temporary dentures until the custom-fitted dentures can be made. 

There is no limit on extractions. Doing them all at once is preferable to reduce time and recovery. It also means we can replace the teeth with a bridge sooner if all of the teeth are pulled at once. Whether you’re having 3 teeth pulled at once or 8 teeth pulled at once, your recovery time will be about the same, so it’s better to pull all of the teeth at once. 

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Tooth Extraction Aftercare 

Once the teeth are gone, we will stitch the socket to allow it to form a blood clot that will help it to heal. We’ll also put gauze on the surgical site, which you can remove after 30-45 minutes. When to stop using gauze after tooth extraction or when to stop using gauze after wisdom tooth extraction? If you’re still bleeding, add in fresh gauze for about another half-hour, then remove the gauze once the bleeding has stopped. 

What else can you do to care after tooth extraction? Here are a few suggestions to give your jaw the best opportunity to heal properly and help any sore spots may develop: 

  • Don’t use a straw
  • Ice the area where the tooth was removed to relieve those sore spots
  • Use over-the-counter painkillers if needed
  • Don’t smoke or drink immediately after the procedure
  • Don’t eat or drink anything for a few hours after your extraction, particularly if you’re still bleeding at the extraction site
  • If you feel you have a dry socket or are still in pain after several days, contact your dentist at Beavers and Broomfield Family Dentistry. We may call you in to check on your healing process. 

Dentists in Fayetteville, AR 

Tooth extractions don’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re getting one tooth extracted or several teeth extracted, we work to ensure your experience is as easy as possible. We’ll show you the cost of tooth extraction and make sure you know what to expect with your tooth extraction healing stages. 

We’ll provide sedation on the day of surgery so you won’t feel a thing. Then we follow up with detailed instructions on aftercare and a follow-up visit to replace your missing teeth if you prefer. Our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible. 

If you feel you need a tooth or teeth extracted and you’re in Fayetteville, AR, schedule an appointment with Beavers and Broomfield Family Dentistry. We can also do teeth cleanings and examinations and show you ways to brush and floss that may prevent further tooth extractions.

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